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How To Peel DTF Film

Plus, free pressing cheat sheet.

This is the most terrifying moment for many making DTF garments, but especially for people just starting out. Did you cure it properly? Did you use the right temperature? Did you use the right pressure?

When it comes to peeling a DTF transfer the biggest factor is… is it cold peel or hot peel? Hot peel means the film can be peeled off as soon as the first press is done. With cold peel, you have to wait until the transfer and garment comes back to room temperature. Cold or hot peel is specific to the film. If you don’t know what it is, treat it as cold peel as most hot peel films can also be peeled cold. Most specialty films like glitter and glow in the dark are cold peel.  

After pressing a cold peel transfer, either set it off to the side for peeling later or you can use a metal table as a quick way to cool off the transfer. After cooling, the steps are the same for cold and hot peel.

  1. Start from a corner.
  2. Choose an area when there is more ink and start there if possible.
  3. Don’t peel broadside against a hardline.
  4. Peel low against the garment, don’t pull up.
  5. Peel quickly, don’t be shy.

Make sure you do a second press or post press to finalize your garment.  

If you’re unsure if you’re pressing correctly, download this free pressing cheat sheet for quick reference.

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