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Eight Questions to Ask Before Buying a DTF Printer

Terry Combs of Equipment Zone leads session at Impressions Expo Atlantic City.

At Impressions Expo Atlantic City 2024, Terry Combs, sales and training expert at Equipment Zone, led a session titled “Everything You’ve Heard About DTF and DTG Printing on the Internet is Wrong.” [Editor’s Note: Yes, we know you’re reading this on the internet.]

Terry said there’s so much misinformation on DTF printing because people want to be experts when they aren’t and many have ulterior motives like selling their own products. By attending education sessions and following trusted resources (like DTF Printing), you can weed out false narratives and garner the right tools to grow your DTF business.

“DTF is not an instant business. It looks simple, but there’s a learning curve,” he said. “The beauty of the printing process is it takes just 30 to 90 days to be an expert.”

While most of the magic is in proper artwork (ask your customers for 300 dpi saved at full size with a transparent background) and environment (40 percent humidity), it’s important to find the right machine and vendor for your DTF needs.

Here are Terry’s eight recommended questions to ask before buying a DTF Printer:

  1. Is your printer purpose built or a converted paper printer?
  2. What are the real maintenance costs?
  3. What type of training will you provide?
  4. How do I get service on my machine?
  5. Will someone answer if I call now ?
  6. What does your warranty cover?
  7. Can you provide me with references of current users?
  8. Will you print my file right now?

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