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Azon Primo + Neon X

Azonprinter has launched the Azon Primo + Neon X DTF printer. The modified Epson printer is a maintenance free system. The customer does not have to shake the cartridges in the morning, as Azo The 750-ml ink tanks circulate automatically, removing the need to shake the ink cartridges.

Three setups are available: CMYK + White (eight channels; available in February 2023), CMYK + White + two neon colors ( neon yellow and neon magenta, eight channels), and CMYK + White + four neon colors (neon yellow, neon magenta, neon orange and neon green, 10 channels).

The printer pairs with the Azon Powder Shaker Visio. The powder shaker is equipped with a Hepa fume extractor, providing a safe environment to work in.

All machinery is assembled in Croatia and distributed in Santa Fe Springs, California.

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