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Film Removal After the Print Process

What you need to know about hot, warm, and cold peel films.

The terms “hot peel,” “warm peel,” and “cold peel” refer to different methods of removing the film or transfer after the printing process. Here’s the difference between them:

Hot Peel

With hot peel films, you can peel the film immediately after the printing process while it is still hot. The film is typically applied to the substrate, and once the printing is complete, it can be peeled off right away without waiting for it to cool down.

Warm Peel

Warm peel films require a short cooling period before peeling. After the printing process, you need to allow the film to cool down for a few seconds or so (typically around 10 to 15 seconds) before peeling it off.

Cold Peel

Cold peel films require the film and substrate to cool down completely before peeling. After printing, you need to let the film and substrate cool down to room temperature or place them in a separate cooling unit. Once cooled, the film can be peeled off.

The choice between hot peel, warm peel, or cold peel films depends on the specific requirements of your printing project.

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