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How To Create a Kids Coloring Shirt

Take customization to the next level by printing black lines for the design on a light tee.

Parents, teachers, and coaches are always looking for new and innovative ideas to entertain children. You can take customization to a new level by printing T-shirts kids can color in. With fabric markers, kids can color in the design, entertaining them for hours.

If you’re interested in making a coloring shirt, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

Use a light-colored T-shirt.

Fabric markers only work on light-colored shirts, so you’ll want to choose a white, or light-colored tee.

Browse Adobe Stock Images for a design.

While there are plenty of free graphics across the web, Adobe’s resources are better and free.

Prepare your image before printing.

If you want the image to be about eight inches wide, you’ll want to ensure the image has a resolution of 2400 pixels and it must be 300 dpi. Additionally, because you’re only printing black lines for the design, you’ll want to double-check your white under base settings to make sure your choke is set to zero.

Avoid threading the shirt over the platform.

When you’re ready to print, there’s no need to thread the shirt over the platform. Kids T-shirts run smaller so you can simply just lay it flat and ensure the seams are out of the way.

Press the T-shirt and then press it again.

After your first press, let the transfer cool (even if it is a hot peel press). Then you’ll want to press one more time for maximum durability. For this second press, you can use parchment paper with the same press and temperature as before. Printing just lines and not an entire ink image requires some different steps than you’re used to.

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