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Image Armor Announces Ethylene Glycol- Free DTF Inks

The new addition backs the company’s focus on prioritizing safety, sustainability, and performance.

Image Armor has released DTF inks that are free from ethylene glycol. With a commitment to environmental sustainability and user safety, Image Armor is revolutionizing the industry by introducing a safer alternative without compromising on quality.

Ethylene glycol, a common ingredient found in traditional inks, poses significant health risks to humans and the environment. Exposure to ethylene glycol can lead to respiratory problems, skin irritation, and even organ damage. Additionally, its production and disposal contribute to environmental pollution and ecosystem harm. Recognizing these concerns, Image Armor has developed a revolutionary formula that eliminates ethylene glycol from its DTF inks, ensuring a safer printing experience for users and a greener footprint for the planet.

“Our decision to create ethylene glycol-free DTF inks reflects our dedication to prioritizing the well-being of our customers and the environment,” said Brian Walker, CEO at Image Armor. “We understand the importance of reducing harmful chemicals in printing processes, and our innovative solution sets a new standard for safety and performance in the industry.”

In addition to being ethylene glycol free, Image Armor’s North American-made DTF inks offer unparalleled advantages in color vibrancy, brightness, washability, and machine performance. These superior qualities ensure that prints maintain their vividness and durability even after multiple wash cycles, making them ideal from a wide range of printers in the field at the moment.

“Our DTF inks not only meet but exceed the expectations of printers and businesses seeking top-notch quality and reliability,” added Brian Walker. “From vibrant colors that pop to exceptional wash resistance, our inks deliver results that leave a lasting impression.”

With the launch of its ethylene glycol-free DTF inks, Image Armor continues to lead the way in innovation while prioritizing safety, sustainability, and performance. Printers and businesses can now elevate their printing processes with confidence, knowing they are choosing a safer and superior solution for their needs.

A version of this press release was originally published via Image Armor.

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