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Indie Ink DTF Ink

UK-based ink manufacturer Indie Ink has launched its new DTF ink formulations for use in low-viscosity printheads such as Epson DX4, DX5, DX7, XP600 and i3200.

The CMYK + White ink set provides users with superb printing results with consistent printability and low settling dispersion technology, according to the company. Inks are made in regular batches to maintain maximum shelf life and reduce shelf life issues seen with inferior ink products.

Indie Ink’s proprietary technology provides:

  • Opaque white coverage
  • Brilliant vibrancy through CMYK color set
  • Superb nozzle stability with anti-clogging technology
  • Multi-stage nano filtration process
  • High stretch and wash fastness
  • Oeko-Tex approved
  • No harmful glycols included in the formulations

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