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PGSF Announces a New Alliance with the Graphic Communications Education Association

The partnership will benefit graphic educators, industry professionals, and students globally.

The Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation (PGSF), has announced it will be supporting the Graphic Communications Education Association (GCEA) by establishing a formal alliance to help promote the furtherance of knowledge in the Graphic Communications industries.

The GCEA is an international association of educators at high school, trade school, community college and university levels, focused on all aspects of the print and graphics industry. They are dedicated to sharing theories, principles, techniques, and processes relating to graphic communications and imaging technologies and careers.

Having its roots in the early 1900s, the GCEA provides resources for educators to stay current with technology and provides a forum to discuss issues that affect the current state of education in the Graphic Arts.  The GCEA also publishes a peer reviewed journal that provides a professional communicative link for educators and industry personnel. It covers many topics, including design trends, research presentation, management focus, and reproduction technologies. 

Charles Weiss, Immediate Past President and instrumental in starting the dialogue with PGSF says “The GCEA is about to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and the partnership between GCEA and PGSF is sure to make the GCEA organization relevant for the next hundred years. By combining our resources of educators and industry representatives we will be able to connect the dots between more teachers and more industry contacts. This is going to be a win-win for both organizations and I look forward to the exciting things that will begin to happen once we start working closely together for the greater good of graphic communication education.”

The PGSF will assist the GCEA with outreach to members, working to increase awareness and opportunities within the organization, focusing efforts to reach a broader audience throughout educational institutions with a goal of fostering community and increasing membership. Technology updates to better handle communications will be implemented. PGSF will rebuild the website as well as work on increasing marketing efforts through content development and design, building a database to support email and direct mail messaging and sharing of social media content.

“We’re a group of professionals in the graphic communications industry who are all about sharing knowledge and skills to help each other become better educators,” says Laura Roberts, President of GCEA and Graphic Communications Instructor at Matton High School in Illinois.  

“This partnership is going to benefit graphic educators, industry professionals, and students globally.”

Each year the GCEA holds a conference. In 2024, the 99th Annual GCEA Conference will take place at Alton High School in Alton, Illinois, from July 22-24. This gathering is an enriching and engaging experience, bringing together passionate educators together to share insights, exchange ideas, and foster professional growth in the dynamic field of graphics arts education. This new partnership with PGSF provides information, connections, and expanded professional growth opportunities to a whole new group of educators. More information about this conference can be found on the GCEA website.

This press release was originally published by the Print and Graphics Scholarship Foundation.

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