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Women in Print Alliance Joins the Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition

Press Release

Women in Print Alliance Joins the Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition
Women in the printing industry can be a powerful voice to advocate for more affordable career education.

By Lisbeth Lyons Black, Director, Women in Print Alliance

Advocating for women’s inclusion and advancement in the industry is a core mission of Women in Print Alliance – and education, professional certification, and skills-based training is fundamental to attaining that goal. That’s why Women in Print Alliance is eager to be a leading member of the newly launched Tomorrow’s Workforce Coalition. It’s also why we are reaching out to the women in print community and asking them to get involved as grassroots advocates to help bolster the Coalition’s efforts. (See the “How You Can Help” section at the end of this article to learn more.)


The Coalition – which has already gained the support of over 500 organizations, including PRINTING United Alliance – is focused on urging passage of federal legislation designed to create a meaningful impact on manufacturing workforces such as print. Specifically, the Coalition is supporting a bipartisan bill introduced in both the US Senate (S. 722) and US House (H.R. 1477) titled “Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act.”

The legislation would expand qualified expenses under 529 savings plans; already popular savings tools to fund four-year college tuition, to include postsecondary training and credentialing programs, such as licenses and nongovernmental certifications. According to the Coalition, “It [the legislation] would also provide valuable tax-advantaged resources for students and workers—with or without a college degree—who pursue career growth, mid-career changes or career pathways that diverge from a typical academic route.” (You can read details about the legislation here.)

For the printing industry, which includes multiple educational and training pathways to entry, enacting this bill into law could be a game-changer in helping both companies and individual workers.

Mary Kate Cunningham, CAE, SVP of Public Policy for the American Society of Association Executives states, “This is a real and unique opportunity for employers of any type to connect, collaborate and create meaningful impact for all communities—for the entire economy. I truly believe the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act is rising-tide legislation.”

As part of its membership commitment to the Coalition, Women in Print Alliance will engage in and support public affairs efforts using social media, and Director Lisbeth Lyons Black will participate in Congressional meetings on Capitol Hill to secure co-sponsors for the legislation. But true grassroots support from those who would directly benefit from the passage of this legislation will be crucial to the Coalition’s success. Please see below to learn how you can be part of this collective advocacy effort.

How You Can Help:

Women in the printing industry can be a powerful voice to advocate for passage of the Freedom to Invest in Tomorrow’s Workforce Act. Please contact us directly at if you are willing to help with the following, or if you have additional ideas on how to best amplify the Coalition’s message to federal lawmakers.


  1. Follow Women in Print Alliance on LinkedIn. Keep an eye out for Coalition calls to action or info updates. Take action, and be sure to reshare with your own social media network.
  2. Be sure your company’s CEO is aware of this effort. Offer to share the Coalition’s website with her/him/them. If you are the CEO or a company executive, answer Coalition calls to action to ask your lawmakers to support this legislation.
  3. Let us know if you have attained or are attempting to attain printing industry certification, and give an example of how increasing financial access to such training and credentials would help you advance in your career. Such real-life examples are important tools to persuade Congress to act.


This press release was originally published via the Women in Print Alliance.

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