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Women’s History Month Honors Women in Print

Women in Print Alliance launches a social media campaign to celebrate leading women in the print industry.

This March, during Women’s History Month, the Women in Print Alliance continues its year-round mission of attracting, advancing, and advocating for women in the print industry with a month-long social media campaign on LinkedIn. The posts and channel aim to serve as a platform for women leaders, educators, innovators, and rising stars to exchange dialogue and engage with their peers. They also reflect on past lessons from women leaders in the print community, according to a release.

“What’s exciting about the history of women in print is that it’s truly a ‘living history,’” says Lisbeth Lyons Black, director, Women in Print Alliance. “There’s a genuine desire I observe daily by women up and down the career ladder and across the spectrum of the printing industry to share information, lessons, and experiences from their personal career journeys with one another. There’s a sense of pride in what women have pioneered and accomplished in print – and the month of March is a wonderful time to honor those strides, while at the same time there’s a real motivation to grow the presence and impact of women throughout the industry. Women in the print community want to learn from the past – and then knock the future out of the park.”

To recognize and learn from women in the industry, follow #WomenMakingPrintHistory and join the Women in Print Alliance channel on LinkedIn.

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