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How to Use Glitter DTF Film

Add sparkle to your dance and cheer squad T-shirts.

Sometimes all our garments need is a little sparkle. That might not be the case if you are working with corporate clients, but if your clients consist of dance companies, football moms, or even cheer squads, they may be looking for new dimensions with their usual apparel orders. That’s where glitter DTF film can help. Not only will this film give your garments a soft texture, but it’ll provide the sparkle that your clients didn’t know they needed.

The Glitter is Embedded in the DTF Film Coating

With some glitter DTF films, the glitter is embedded directly into the coating of the film. When the glitter is embedded, you don’t have to worry about the glitter coming off all over your garment. Instead, this film will only come off where the ink has been laid out on the film, allowing you to use this glitter film intentionally.

Glitter DTF Film Provides a Subtle Reflect

Rather than making your garments look like they had a glitter explosion, this film type allows you to add a subtle effect, without going overboard. The glitter effect is subtle under standard room lights but sparkles in the sun or under stage lights.

Choose Where the Glitter Appears

You may think that since the glitter is embedded into the coating of the whole DTF film, you aren’t able to print your garment half with glitter and half with no glitter, and if you think that, you wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. There is a workaround however to prevent your entire garment from being a glittery design. Instead, you can print something in normal DTF film and something in glitter DTF film by printing those two films together on a DTF transfer.

Just like with any DTF film, glitter film may take some getting used to. When you do give it a try, it’s important to remember that the glitter DTF film is a cold-peel product, so ensure that your garment has cooled before peeling off the transfer.

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