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New Trend Watch Webinar Series Hosted by Inktavo and S&S Activewear

The quarterly series will cover fashion trends, digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, and more.

Inktavo and S&S Activewear have launched the quarterly “Trend Watch” webinar series, “equipping branded merchandise professionals with valuable information on emerging product and technology trends and providing a comprehensive education for this dynamic industry,” according to a release.

Topics will include emerging fashion trends, innovative product presentation techniques, market research and data analysis, strategies for entering new markets, and approaches to reach untapped customer segments. According to the companies, the series will also explore technology-driven trends, including digital marketing, e-commerce strategies, workflow automation, and the power of graphic design technology in accessing new customers and driving sales. Industry veterans, business owners of all sizes, and newcomers to the industry are invited.

The first webinar will take place in mid-February 2024. Register for the first class and get more information here.

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