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Seats Left for Free, Hands-On Stampinator Class

Learn how to make your prints better and automate your transfers during the two-day event.

Stampinator is hosting Just Stampit, a free, two-day event at its Slant Engineering Facility in Baltimore, Maryland, November 16-17. 

According to the company, here are some of things you’ll acquire skill in:

  • Artwork setup, film output, and screen making for each project and for use with the Stampinator
  • Optimal screen mesh tension and selection for use in print applications
  • Ink creation and the low cure and low bleed/blocker inks when using the Stampinator
  • Print setup and calibration and options to achieve the best results using the Stampiantor
  • Print order, squeegee selection, print process with Stampinator as underbase
  • Under Armor performance jersey printing
  • Separations and output for sports printing
  • Press setup, rubber platens for final cure on press
  • Using the Stampinator as a flash
  • Using the Stampinator for final cure to keep temps lower
  • Use of craft paper
  • Using platen rubber
  • Setting up the Stampinator
  • Workflow efficiency and troubleshooting
  • Stampinator with DTF
  • Using SupaColor transfers with the Stampinator
  • Heat pressing names and numbers
  • Sponge fleece application
  • Using the Stampinator with and without platen rubber

Read more and register here.

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