How to Get and Use Good Reviews

The realistic approach to gaining new customers.

In today’s digital marketplace, customer reviews are more than just feedback: they’re a powerful tool for building trust, enhancing visibility, and driving sales. Checking reviews, especially on Google, is the first thing most of your potential customers will do, even before they pick up the phone or send you an email inquiry. Part of a consumer’s judgment is based on how many reviews you have – good or bad.

To help make sure your business gets that next phone call and potential sale, let’s break down 10 ways to get good reviews. Then, we’ll talk about a clever way you can use them to get even more reviews, and keep visitors on your website while they evaluate your business.  

The following information is actionable advice that works. Make sure you read to the end!  

5 Ways to Get Google Reviews 

1. Use QR Codes – Everywhere
Create a QR code that sends people directly to your Google Reviews link, which you’ll find on your Google Business Profile (GMB). A QR code is a magical tool that connects your clients to your GMB profile. This allows them to leave a great review that also shows up on Google Maps. Here are a few ways you can use them:

– If you have a brick and mortar retail store, put a QR code on your counter as a sticker or part of a display pop up. Then, instead of “have a nice day,” ask them to scan the code and leave a review now.  

Put QR codes on your packaging. They can be inside the box or bag, on the box or bag… anywhere your customer can see them with text that says “Love your order? Review us now!”

Print the QR code on the back of your business card. Present it after a meeting and say, “I’d love to get your feedback on today’s meeting” or “Do you have a minute to share your experience? We’re working on getting even better and would appreciate the feedback.”

– Do you speak at events or host webinars online? If so, put your QR code on your last slide and ask for feedback on that session.  

2. Make It Easy to Leave Reviews
Streamline the review process by providing clear, accessible links on your website, in emails, and on social media platforms, guiding customers on where and how to leave reviews. Wherever a QR code would be less useful, drop your reviews link there.  

3. Implement a Post-Purchase Review Email Sequence

Automate an email sequence that thanks customers for their purchase and follows up with a request for a review, making the process effortless for the customer.  

One winning tactic some of my clients have used is to send a review request email twice. Once after the sale has been completed – when you update your CRM to “Closed” or “Won,” your new customer should get an email with a request to review your sales process. Then again once the product has been delivered. That email should ask them to review the product itself and their overall experience. This gives your happiest customers twice the opportunity to let you know about their experience.  

4. Use ALL the Review Platforms

Make sure your business is registered on all the popular review sites like Google My Business and Yelp, as well as industry-specific platforms where customers are likely to search for feedback. While almost everyone sticks to Google or Meta/Facebook Reviews, having a presence on other review platforms can help. Plus, it’s a good self-defense move to ensure no one hijacks your company’s reputation. 

5. Respond to Reviews

Show appreciation for feedback by responding to reviews, both positive and negative. This not only engages your customers but also encourages others to share their experiences. 

You have to react professionally to any bad reviews and avoid arguments. Being clear, truthful, and having evidence to back up a rebuttal can actually earn you business.  

How to Use Your Reviews Proactively

Testimonials typically shared on a website are cherry-picked reviews. They’re usually plucked from complimentary incoming emails or voicemails and put in static quotation blocks on a website. They’re almost always outdated, or without a date, which is the same thing for a suspicious consumer.  

Show Reviews on Your Website

Instead of relying on stale, copy and pasted testimonials, you can connect your website to your online reviews directly. Once you do, every time you get a new review it automatically shows up on your website. This way, when a new prospect visits your site, they can see what your customers are saying about you now vs. five years ago. Best of all, these reviews will be branded with a logo like Google, Meta, or Yelp.

This is the Reviews Widget I use. There are other options, but this one displays the review site’s logo, pulls the reviewer’s name in, and lets you know how old the review is. (Don’t worry – you can triage the reviews that are shown, so any fake or malicious ones can be removed).   

Here’s one way this can look, shown on 

Here are some other widget styles or formats you can choose from. 

The reviews widget is a simple installation for anyone who completes their own website updates. But you can’t plug in live reviews everywhere so…

Add Reviews Social Media Posts 

There are many user-friendly graphics programs on the market (Canva is my favorite) that have simple-to-use templates that allow you to share reviews with your audience. Doing this on a regular basis lends credibility to your business and keeps it top of mind, like this LinkedIn post from YES Group in the UK: 

This same video or graphic can be shared across almost any social network. You’ll be surprised at the results.

Ask, Post, and Share 

The key to implementing any of these strategies is consistency. If you stick to it, you can not only increase the quantity of reviews tremendously, but you’ll reap the rewards in a better reputation, better SEO ranking, and ultimately, sales.  

Remember: consistency and genuine engagement with your customers are key to a successful review acquisition strategy. 

Bio: Mark Stephenson is a digital marketing strategist, partner, and educator. He is the driving force behind Clients First Marketing, a boutique marketing firm dedicated to empowering small business owners through comprehensive marketing solutions, educational resources, and tailored CRM systems. With decades of experience in digital marketing, sales, and management in the customization space and beyond, Mark brings a unique, holistic perspective to the ever-evolving world of online marketing. Find him on LinkedIn.

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