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Vastex Powder-to-Film System

Vastex’s new DTF Powder-to-Film system uniformly coats DTF films with adhesive powder, improving DTF printing performance and operator safety, according to the company. The PTF-100 consists of a steel case on a stand, with a clear polycarbonate door set at an angle. It comes with two identical cartridges, each of which can hold approximately 3 lbs of adhesive powder. Made in the USA, the PDF-100 can accommodate film sizes up to 16 x 20 in., and features an adjustable timer for repeatable results. The system is compatible with the Vastex S1-27 stand with drawer kit for storage of film and extra powder.

Vastex shares the following steps for operation: A filled cartridge is inserted at the top of the unit, and an empty cartridge at the bottom. An operator positions the wet DTF printed film on the application tray, print side up. Once the polycarbonate door is closed tightly, the operator can adjust the angle of the powder deflector and the amount of powder to be released. With each cycle, the user pulls a lever to release the desired amount of powder, then pushes it to start the timer/vibration. The top cartridge releases adhesive powder which rains down on the film, ensuring complete and even coverage. When empty, the upper cartridge can be switched quickly and cleanly with the lower cartridge containing all excess powder, reducing exposure while eliminating waste and allowing continuous production until refilling is needed.

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